We’ve received our spring shipment of our quality-line of exterior stains.  Many returning customers will notice a label change from Sikkens to PPG Proluxe PPG – ProLuxe is exactly the same product as Sikkens Wood Finishes. The name and label may have changed, but the formula inside has not.

In 2013, PPG purchased the North American Architectural Coatings division from Akzo Nobel, which included the Sikkens wood finishes line, however;.Akzo Nobel still uses the Sikkens brand name in European markets.  As a result, PPG was required to gradually transition Sikkens to a different brand name as part of the sale and introduced the “ProLuxe” brand name in 2015, updating the appearance of the can at the same time.

After the purchase by PPG, the Sikkens name was initially still included at the top of each label with the word “ProLuxe” added just beneath it. Over time, the Sikkens name grew smaller, while the ProLuxe name grew larger.  In 2019, the Sikkens name was removed from the label altogether and replaced entirely with “PPG ProLuxe.”

Per their purchase agreement, PPG has now dropped all additional Akzo Nobel trademarked names. This means that in addition to “Sikkens,” the terms “Cetol,” “Rubbol,” and “DEK” have been removed from labels.

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