Alberta’s long harsh winters and abundant snowfall can wreak havoc on the exterior of your home, your deck and your outbuildings. A poor quality paint will fade, blister, flake and peel. If you want paint/stain that will look good and endure through the cold and snow, there are a few things you should know about what makes a quality paint/stain.


The Best Paint

  • When it comes to weather resistance you can’t beat 100% acrylic latex paint. Containing high-quality resins, pigments and additives, this paint is perfect for garages, porches, decks, concrete, stucco, shingles and home exteriors. 100% acrylic paint is flexible, breathable, colour fast, resists fading, adheres to most surfaces, is quick drying, scrubbable, and mildew resistant. It’s versatility will allow you to apply it over oil or water based primers. Acrylic paint contains few VOCs, cleans easily with soap and water, applies smoothly and comes in a variety of finishes (flat to high gloss). Best of all it’s resistant to flaking, blistering and peeling even in Alberta’s severe winter weather.


  • Though 100% acrylic paint is your best choice for most exterior painting, oil based paint is a durable choice for wrought iron and steel railings, steps and porch floors.


The Best Stain

  • When it comes to weather resistant stain, choose top quality oil based stain. It will stand up to harsh winters and ensure maximum protection. These products are low odour, low VOC, durable, long lasting, penetrate well and improve the appearance and life of wood.


  • You can’t go wrong with100% acrylic solid hide stains. They provide superior adhesion, durability, UV protection, water repellency, and resistance to cracking, peeling and blistering. Formulated with few VOCs and containing mold/mildew inhibitors, this exterior product is good for decks, patios, outdoor furniture, shingles, trim, fascia, stair treads and siding. Use it on wood, composite, cement and stucco. Available in a range of colours, this stain is easy to apply, fast drying and requires only soap and water for clean up.


Combat the effects of Alberta’s savage winters by choosing a top quality paint or stain. Do your research. Then consult a paint and design expert. They can help you find the paint/stain that is right for your project.

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