With the arrival of warm weather, it’s time to get outside and assess the damage that winter has done to your woodwork. You may need to refresh or refinish your deck, fence and/or siding. Staining is a great way to preserve your wood against weather conditions. It shows off the grain of the wood while penetrating deeply to form a seal against the sun, water, snow, ice and the freeze-thaw cycle. How long will a coat of stain last?  There are three factors that affect how long a stain remains effective.

  • The quality of the stain: High-quality stain contains quality resins that have the ability to flex, adhere, and suspend a sufficient amount of pigments to protect your wood. Choose a stain that has mildew/insect-resistant substances and UV absorbers. Try a top-quality oil-based stain. It’ll stand up to harsh winters and ensure maximum protection. These products are low odour, low VOC, durable, long-lasting, penetrate well and improve the appearance and life of your wood. You can’t go wrong with100% acrylic solid hide stains. They provide superior adhesion, durability, UV protection, water repellency, and resistance to cracking, peeling and blistering. Formulated with few VOCs and containing mold/mildew inhibitors, this exterior product is good for decks, patios, outdoor furniture, shingles, trim, fascia, stair treads and siding.


  • Surface preparation: Existing coatings and surface damage must be removed to reveal a clean wood surface before a new coating of stain will adhere properly. Sanding, grinding and/or power washing can help you reach this state. If the wood is not properly prepared, the stain will not last long.


  • The environment: Rain, snow, sun (ultraviolet rays), the freeze-thaw cycle and wind that contains grit or salt are the enemies of wood and wood stains. Depending on where you live and how exposed your wood is to the weather, you will need to reapply wood stain every two to three years. Approximately every four years you’ll want to revitalize your wood by completely removing the old stain and reapplying a fresh coat.

In almost any environment, high-quality stain applied to a properly prepared surface will outperform and remain more durable than a lesser quality product. Consult with a reliable professional. They can help you find the stain that will give you the best looking and longest lasting finish possible.

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