The first thing visitors see when they approach your home is your front door. Don’t let it be an afterthought! Take a ho-hum entrance and turn it into a wow factor for your home. Make your door stand out. Give your home added curb appeal with a quick and easy coat of paint on the front portal. The following are some tips for painting your front door:

  • Consider the classics: For a timeless look, try a neutral hue (brown, black, gray, deep red, or navy blue). Even if you alter your home’s exterior, these colours will still be relevant. Navy blue is rich, classic, fun and fresh. Consider Benjamin Moore’s Newburyport Blue or Hale Navy. Black is bold and makes a statement when paired with a crisp white trim. Try Benjamin Moore Black 2132-10. Gray and charcoal create a striking look. Check out Benjamin Moore’s Amherst Gray, Kendall Charcoal or Gray 2121-10. Bricktone, Dinner Party, and Resin Torte are all deep reds that work well. Chocolate Truffle is a great choice for brown.
  • Dare to be bold: The front door is a small area so try something bold (orange, yellow, lime green, burgundy, forest green or eggplant). Burgundy adds visual interest without the intensity of a real red. Check out Benjamin Moore’s Sundried Tomato, Dinner Party, or New London Burgundy. Yellow and gold look warm and welcoming. Consider Benjamin Moore’s rich and stately Stuart Gold. Dark green just works! Try Benjamin Moore’s Mohegan Sage for a striking look or rich Forest Green. Why not use a vibrant shade of lime green?!
  • Purchase the right paint: To prevent peeling and fading choose a latex exterior paint with weather-resistant coverage. If your door is metal, opt for built-in rust protection. High gloss will highlight the architectural details of your home while satin will hide imperfections. Don’t forget to use exterior primers. Check out Benjamin Moore’s Aura Grand Entrance in high gloss or satin finish.
  • Remember the screen door: If you have a storm or screen door, paint the frame a contrasting hue to add another punch of colour.
  • Pick your paint colour in natural light: Tape paint swatches to your front door and observe them throughout the day to give you an accurate view of the colours.
  • Choose colour carefully for a small house: To make a small home seem larger, paint the door, trim, window frames and exterior all the same colour.
  • Make it pop: To make your front door stand out, paint the trim with a contrasting colour.  

Other simple ways to spice up your front entrance include:

  • Stained glass in the front door window
  • Decorative wrought iron bars/overlay on the door window
  • Flowers and plants
  • Decals – a simple, whimsical message on the front door can set it apart
  • An interesting door knocker
  • A seasonal wreath
  • An attractive monogrammed mat adds that extra personal touch
  • Intriguing lighting such as pot lighting or modern sconces


One of the easiest and most affordable ways to give your home a boost is to paint the front door. Don’t be afraid to break the rules! An unexpected colour can add personality and appeal. Get out those brushes and in just a few hours you can have a whole new look!

Looking for the perfect hue for your front door? Call Calgary’s independent paint and blinds store West Hillhurst Paint + Design at (403) 270-9696 or email at kyle@westhillhurstpaint.com. Our knowledgeable professional design associates provide high-quality paint and stain, a wide selection of blinds, advice for home projects and excellent service. We carry Benjamin Moore products and can help you find the colour that’s right for you. Call for a consultation today!

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