Painting is an inexpensive, quick and easy way to freshen up a room. You can do it yourself and complete the project in a day. You probably know what colour you want to use but do you know the best paint for the room you’re updating?  All paints are not created equal. All paints are not appropriate for all rooms. What paint is best for your:



A bathroom can be tricky to paint as you have to maneuver around mirrors, sinks, tubs and toilets. To complete the job with less coats, choose a product with paint-and-primer in one can. Since bathrooms walls are exposed to steam and spray, a mildew resistant paint that repels moisture is a must. Select a paint that will stand up to frequent scrubbing. As a bathroom is a small enclosed space, choose a paint with low VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Try a semi gloss paint and primer in one. It’s stain resistant, easy to clean, durable, handles moisture well, and you’ll likely need only one coat. Or, opt for a low sheen paint with a fungicide. It’ll protect against mildew, provide some gloss and is easy to clean.


Living Room and bedroom:

If your living room or bedroom walls are rough and dented, choose a lower-sheen paint. It will conceal surface imperfections and is easy to touch up. Just be aware that stains may be difficult to remove. If your walls are in good condition, try a satin sheen. It’s easy to clean, resists stains and has more warmth/depth than a flat paint.



A kitchen is prone to grime, grease and moisture. Try a satin paint to leave your walls looking soft, silky and glowing. It will resist mildew, stains and dirt and is scrubbable. You can opt for a semi-gloss paint on your kitchen walls for a soft glow. This product is stain resistant, durable and wipeable. Semi-gloss paint also works well on cabinets and woodwork while a high gloss paint is a good choice for the backsplash.



Specialized ceiling paint is worth the price. It’s designed for uniform coverage, hides stains/mildew spots, results in fewer drips and splatters, makes the painting process smoother and minimizes peeling and cracking. Flat white ceiling paint will reflect ambient light into your room making it seem larger. Dark colours add warmth and make the room feel cozy.


Front Door:

For your front door, which can often take the brunt of bad weather, we suggest trying our Aura Grand Entrance. Its vivid colouring and durability make it a great option to welcome someone to your home.

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