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The Basics of Painting - Benjamin Moore West Hillhurst Paint + Design - Paint Store - Featured Image

The Basics of Painting

You’ve decided to paint a room in your home. You’re excited and a little nervous! Don’t worry! With the right tools, paint and techniques, this renovation task is doable, even for a novice. Before you begin, it’s important to learn the basics. Following is advice to help you create a perfect paint job.   Select

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How to Paint Cabinets - Banjamin Moore West Hillhurst Paint + Design - Paint Shop - Featured Image

How to Paint Cabinets

Are your cabinets old and outdated? Is the cost of replacement too much for your budget? Paint can work wonders! A new coat of paint can take your cabinets from old and tired to fresh and new. The following are some tips for successfully painting your cabinets.   Choose the right paint: Apply a primer

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