Most people like to save money! When it comes to paint, compromising on quality in order to save money may not be a good idea. Top quality paint is made with high quality ingredients, 30% to 45% binders and pigments. Cheaper paint uses less of the essentials (30% or less) and a poorer grade of ingredients.


    • Pigments are finely ground particles that give paint its colour and sheen and its ability to cover the surface it’s applied to. Quality paints use a better grade of pigment, usually titanium dioxide, while cheaper paints use poor quality pigments such as talc, calcium carbonate, silica or clay. Quality paints have more pigments than inexpensive paints.
    • Resins: are binders that hold the pigment and colorants in place after the paint dries. Latex paints use 100% acrylic binders. Oil paint uses alkyds made from oil derivatives such as linseed oil, tung oil, and soya oil. Inexpensive paints use polyvinyl acetate as binders. A quality paint has more resins and a higher grade of resin.
    • Solvents: are liquid carriers that transport the pigments and resins from the brush/roller to the surface being painted. They evaporate as the paint dries. Solvents determine a paint’s consistency and how easy or hard the paint is to apply. A paint solvent can be organic, like mineral turps or it may be water. Top quality paints have a greater ratio of solids (pigments and binders) to solvent. Cheaper paints are watered down with more solvent.
    • Additives: are chemicals that help enhance the properties of paint such as thickening agents, surfactants, dispersing agents, biocides and defoamers. Additives increase the cost of paint but offer many benefits. High quality paints contain more additives.




What benefits do quality ingredients provide?


  • Better adhesion: The resin in quality paint is made from small particles that penetrate the wood pores and grab on eliminating the need for multiple coats and helping the paint retain its colour.
  • Less maintenance: Quality paint is easy to clean as it doesn’t absorb dirt or grim. Most marks are effortlessly removed with water and a cloth. If touch-ups are needed, application is smooth and virtually unnoticeable.
  • Improved Appearance: Quality paint is thick, easy to apply and results in an attractive even coat.
  • Easy Application: It takes less time and effort to apply a quality paint. Brush and roller marks flow out becoming unnoticable. You’ll enjoy a simpler process with fewer frustrations and headaches.
  • Resistance to mold and mildew: The mold and mildew agents in quality paint are a better grade than those in cheaper paints giving your home superior protection.
  • Less sticking: Sticking happens when two freshly painted surfaces bond when pressed together, such as a door sticking to the jamb or windows sticking to the sill . Quality paint doesn’t cause sticking.
  • Less mess: Quality paint is thick ensuring less spatter during application.
  • Durability: The binders in quality paint last longer and resist blistering, peeling, cracking, fading, chalking and wear. Your paint will look fresh for years!


Professional painters recommend you skip the low quality paint and purchase premium paints. You’ll get more for your money and be happier with the results. A high quality paint should look good for ten years or more!

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