Paint thinner is a volatile substance that’s designed to reduce the viscosity of oil based paint; to decrease thickness, stickiness and tackiness. Following are some situations in which paint thinner is useful.

  • When your paint dries out: A fresh can of oil based paint is usually the proper thickness for application with a brush or roller. Left open, it becomes thicker and begins to harden. Thinner may be needed.
  • When you use a spray applicator/paint gun you will need to use paint thinner to reduce the viscosity of oil based paint so your device can atomize the paint without clogging the inner workings and spray tips. You can also use thinner to clean your equipment when the job is complete.
  • When you need to remove paint: Oil based paint spills/drips that are still wet can be removed with a clean cloth and paint thinner.
  • When you’re cleaning brushes: Extend the life of your brushes by using thinner to clean brushes used in oil based paint.

Caution: Always use paint thinner in a well ventilated area. Have a fire extinguisher nearby as this substance is flammable. You can store used paint thinner and reuse it in your next painting project. Any leftover paint thinner you no longer want should be disposed of at a hazardous waste facility.

Paint thinner is an inexpensive solvent that is used to thin oil based paints and assist with clean up. Used with caution, this substance is a useful addition to your painting project.

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