The tape you use can make or break a paint job. With masking tape and painter’s tape having a similar look and feel, which is right for your project? The differences make the choice clear.


Backing: Masking tape and painter’s tape are both constructed with a crepe paper backing, making them easy to tear by hand and able to be written on for labelling purposes. Painter’s tape has a more robust backing. It’s less likely to rip or crack as you pull it off the wall making it easier to remove in a single strip.


Residue: Painter’s tape is designed to remove cleanly after the job is done. Check the label to determine how long it can be left in place and still be removed easily. Masking tapes leaves behind residue requiring clean up and costing you time and aggravation.


Paint Bleed: Masking tape puckers and/or wrinkles when it comes in contact with paint. It’s common for a bit of paint to bleed through the edges and for some paint to adhere to it when you remove the tape. Painter’s tape is designed to prevent paint from bleeding into taped off areas. It delivers sharp paint lines and is useful for creating stripes, shapes, and decorative patterns.


Cost: Masking tape is inexpensive. Painter’s tape costs more but will save you time and effort as it is free of residue and yields clean lines. The results outweigh the cost difference. 


Why is painter’s tape coloured?

The distinctive colours of painter’s tape (blues, greens) allow it to stand out against most paint colours during paint application and make it easily recognizable from other tapes on the market.


Though masking tape is affordable and versatile, painter’s tape is the best choice for painting projects. It’s specifically made with painting in mind. Use painter’s tape if you want a professional finish and easy cleanup.

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